Computed Tomographic (CT) Measurement of Femoral Trochlear Groove Depth in Brachycephalic Dogs [chapter]

Allie Matchwick, Janis Bridges, Ben Mielke, Matthew Pead, Andrew Phillips, Richard Meeson
2020 BSAVA Congress Proceedings 2020  
Oral presentations [ 466 ] BSAVA CONGRESS 2020 PROCEEDINGS screw loosening was the most frequent (nine cases) and was the only complication seen in dogs with fissure fracture (three cases). Presence of medial epicondylar fissure fracture and development of screw loosening were significantly associated (Fisher's test (p = 0.0468), Odds Ratio 6.3 (p = 0.0296)).
doi:10.22233/9781910443774.66.5 fatcat:levwtc7p4na3zlev7wtshipz6q