Effect of Gluten on Quality of Uirou

Seiichi SATOH, Chie AKASHIMA, Masakatsu YAMAZAWA
Journal of Nagoya Bunri University  
The flour ingredients in commercially available Uirou products include rice flour, wheat flour, wheat starch and mixtures of these, and they are used in a wide variety of combinations in order to meet changing consumer preferences. The quality of Uirou is known to be affected by several factors, such as particle size distribution of rice flour, types of flour ingredients, and heating conditions. In our previous research on the relationships among the properties of flour ingredients, the
more » ... properties of Uirou made with the flour ingredients and sensory evaluation, as well as the effects of different combinations (1:1) of the flour ingredients on the physical properties of Uirou, we reported that the properties of Uirou made with different flour mixtures varied markedly. In the present study, we investigated the effects of gluten on the quality of Uirou made with wheat flour. The maximum viscosity measured by Rapid Visco Analyzer (RVA) tended to decrease as more of the wheat starch was substituted with gluten. On the other hand, investigation of the physical properties of Uirou made with these flour ingredients showed that the breaking strength was highest in Uirou made with wheat starch only, and tended to be lower in Uirou containing a larger amount of gluten in place of wheat starch. With regard to color, b value increased in proportion to the amount of gluten, indicating that Uirou made with wheat starch and gluten was more yellowish than Uirou made with wheat starch only. Sensory evaluation results showed significantly higher preferences for Uirou made with strong wheat flour and Uirou made with a mixture of 85% wheat starch and 15% gluten.
doi:10.24609/nbukiyou.11.0_19 fatcat:f45t3y47yfhttamsljyeoqgn2e