The Importance of the Sustainability of the Romanian Convergence Process to the Euro Zone

Ioana Raluca Sbârcea
2018 Studies in Business and Economics  
Since 2007, Romania has been under the under the glance of experts in the European Union, but also under the strict monitoring of the NBR and also under the pressure of citizens and investors' expectations about the moment of euro adoption. My research concerns have also been channeled to this point of maximum interest, impact and timeliness, which is why I have proposed through this paper to highlight a synthetic situation regarding the fulfillment of the convergence criteria from the moment
more » ... a from the moment of accession to the European Union, to the present. The objective of this paper is to reflect, in dynamics and correlation, the degree of fulfillment of the nominal and real convergence criteria, the sustainability of the levels achieved for certain indicators, so necessary for joining the single currency, without shocks. Romania is a country subject to frequent fluctuations at all levels: economic, political, legislative, also reflected in the fluctuations in meeting the convergence criteria. The lack of medium and long-term sustainability of the criteria considered necessary for joining the euro area will make this desiderate ever more remote.
doi:10.2478/sbe-2018-0041 fatcat:un5kn2mdc5fqlbaghfbvrlxpxe