Probing the cosmological constant and phase transitions with dark matter

Daniel Chung, Andrew Long, Lian-Tao Wang
2011 Physical Review D  
The Standard Model and its extensions predict multiple phase transitions in the early universe. In addition to the electroweak phase transition, one or several of these could occur at energies close to the weak scale. Such phase transitions can leave their imprint on the relic abundance of TeV-scale dark matter. In this paper, we enumerate several physical features of a generic phase transition and parameterize the effect of each on the relic abundance. In particular, we include among these
more » ... ude among these effects the presence of the scalar field vacuum energy and the cosmological constant, which is sensitive to UV physics. Within the context of the Standard Model Higgs sector, we find that the relic abundance of generic TeV-scale dark matter is affected by the vacuum energy at the order of a fraction of a percent. For scalar field sectors with strong first order phase transitions, an order one percent apparent tuning of coupling constants may allow corrections induced by the vacuum energy to be of order unity.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.84.043523 fatcat:nkrzejrgkzaotmjefy66vqjb5a