Noisy ECG Signal Analysis for Automatic Peak Detection

Matteo D'Aloia, Annalisa Longo, Maria Rizzi
2019 Information  
Cardiac signal processing is usually a computationally demanding task as signals are heavily contaminated by noise and other artifacts. In this paper, an effective approach for peak point detection and localization in noisy electrocardiogram (ECG) signals is presented. Six stages characterize the implemented method, which adopts the Hilbert transform and a thresholding technique for the detection of zones inside the ECG signal which could contain a peak. Subsequently, the identified zones are
more » ... alyzed using the wavelet transform for R point detection and localization. The conceived signal processing technique has been evaluated, adopting ECG signals belonging to MIT-BIH Noise Stress Test Database, which includes specially selected Holter recordings characterized by baseline wander, muscle artifacts and electrode motion artifacts as noise sources. The experimental results show that the proposed method reaches most satisfactory performance, even when challenging ECG signals are adopted. The results obtained are presented, discussed and compared with some other R wave detection algorithms indicated in literature, which adopt the same database as a test bench. In particular, for a signal to noise ratio (SNR) equal to 6 dB, results with minimal interference from noise and artifacts have been obtained, since Se e +P achieve values of 98.13% and 96.91, respectively.
doi:10.3390/info10020035 fatcat:3xybp7bemrdcba7a5dy5wm5xfa