Power-transfer and fixed-point analysis of sawtooth simulations of a current-carrying stellarator

O.E. López, E.C. Howell, J.D. Hanson, D.A. Maurer
2022 Journal of Plasma Physics  
Power-transfer and fixed-point analysis of previous NIMROD simulations (Roberds et al., Phys. Plasmas, vol. 23, issue 9, 2016, 092513) improved the understanding of the effect of 3D (non-axisymmetric equilibrium) magnetic fields on sawtooth oscillations in the Compact Toroidal Hybrid (CTH) experiment. Computing the locations of order-1 fixed points, their Greene's residues, and local values for the rotational transform results in a description of CTH sawteeth consistent with Kadomtsev's model.
more » ... power-transfer analysis quantifies the distribution of energy among toroidal Fourier modes and their nonlinear interactions. The Lorentz power transfer drives sawtooth growth, and it is unambiguously interpreted as the flow of energy from toroidal mode $n'$ to mode $n$ , catalysed by $\boldsymbol {B}_{n-n'}$ . It has been reported previously that the CTH sawtooth frequency increases with the 3D field strength. This is attributed to an increased growth rate of the internal kink that drives sawtooth oscillations. Here, 3D fields remove energy from the kink, eliminating the possibility that these fields are an additional energy source that drives growth. Instead, 3D fields catalyse energy transfer from large-to-small scales, where magnetic reconnection is stronger. It is proposed that this energy transfer increases the reconnection rate at small scales, which is consistent with the increased growth rate observed at higher 3D field strengths.
doi:10.1017/s0022377822000770 fatcat:jhs225d5lvbt7j3pcl3jd2rmzu