Spontaneous annihilation of high-density matter in the electroweak theory

Jörg Schaldach, Peter Sieber, Dmitri Diakonov, Klaus Goeke
1996 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
In the presence of fermionic matter the topologically distinct vacua of the standard model are metastable and can decay by tunneling through the sphaleron barrier. This process annihilates one fermion per doublet due to the anomalous non-conservation of baryon and lepton currents and is accompanied by a production of gauge and Higgs bosons. We present a numerical method to obtain local bounce solutions which minimize the Euclidean action in the space of all configurations connecting two
more » ... necting two adjacent topological sectors. These solutions determine the decay rate and the configuration of the fields after the tunneling. We also follow the real time evolution of this configuration and analyze the spectrum of the created bosons. If the matter density exceeds some critical value, the exponentially suppressed tunneling triggers off an avalanche producing an enormous amount of bosons.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.54.2814 pmid:10020959 fatcat:bddyjrrbfvewxe7xmpq4csjzx4