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2011 Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery  
The purpose of this trial was to examine the effect of independent and deliberate simulator practice, during nonclinical time, on the performance of an end-to-side microvascular anastomosis in an in vivo model. Subjects who practiced independently scored significantly higher on the OSATS scale and the end-product evaluation and performed the anastomosis significantly faster. We conclude that independent after-hours training should be incorporated into cardiovascular surgical curricula. A review
more » ... of the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization database of ECMO support after the Fontan operation in patients demonstrated a hospital survival of 35%. Complications that occurred during ECMO and the duration of ECMO were associated with mortality in this patient group. Interstage attrition between bidirectional Glenn and Fontan palliation in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome In this retrospective single-center analysis, we studied a large group of infants with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and found that significant tricuspid valve regurgitation and low-weight z score at the time of bidirectional Glenn were important risk factors for interstage attrition between the Glenn and Fontan palliations. Inferior sinus venosus defects (ISVDs) are unusual interatrial communications with few published outcome data. Patients with ISVD have more residual defects and longer durations of cardiopulmonary bypass and hospitalization compared with patients with secundum atrial septal defects. Misdiagnosis of ISVD is frequent and associated with worse outcomes than correct preoperative diagnosis. 523 Perioperative cerebral and somatic oxygenation in neonates with hypoplastic left heart syndrome or transposition of the great arteries Depression of cerebral tissue oxygenation is prevalent among neonates after surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass for congenital heart disease, regardless of whether univentricular or biventricular circulation is present. Because routine measures of oxygen delivery fail to indicate cerebral desaturation, near-infrared spectroscopy seems a valuable adjunct to postoperative monitoring after such surgery. Adverse event reporting based on 6 sentinel events was compared with a standard approach in a randomized surgical trial in neonates. The sentinel event approach successfully identified the highest-risk group and resulted in considerably less administrative burden.
doi:10.1016/s0022-5223(11)00784-7 fatcat:d6ylf342jfeytd2r7brqhucw6u