Development of STEAM Educational Program using Mt. Mai's Stone Pagodas, Conglomerate Bed and Ice Spikes for the Cultivation of Creativity and Character in Adolescents

Mabyong Yoon, Haksung Kim, Eeunju Yang
2015 unpublished
A STEAM program was designed using Mt. Mai's stone pagodas, conglomerate layers and ice spikes as the educational contents to develop a science learning area and cultivate topophilia in adolescents. Teaching material was developed to learn STEAM education elements through the emotional experience on concrete objects of Mt. Mai in field trips. As a result of verification of developed data using expert panel's delphi analysis, each session was evaluated valid with over 92% of CVR.
doi:10.14257/astl.2015.115.19 fatcat:jinmdrhakfcfvp3s3q3uegchnq