A Multipath AODV Reliable Data Transmission Routing Algorithm Based on LQI

Yongxian SONG, Rongbiao ZHANG, Fuhuan Chu
2014 Sensors & Transducers  
AODV is a kind of on-demand distance vector routing protocols, in the light of the characteristics of AODV (Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector ), AODV was revised in the paper, and on the basis of it, a kind of multipath AODV reliable data transmission routing algorithm based on LQI (LBM_AODV) was put forward. The algorithm mainly revised AODV protocol from the link information extraction, RREQ and RREP forwarding and processing and so on, and link quality and battery monitoring was increased
more » ... g was increased when routing discovery was implemented by AODV routing protocol. In order to reduce routing failures that were caused due to nodes failure, the disjoint multipath of node was adopted, at the same time, the routing metric model RMBLQICV that was put forward by our research group was taken into account, so the optimal configuration of primary path and backup path were obtained. Finally, the LBM_AODV agreement was verified by experiment. The experimental results has shown that the LBM_AODV algorithm was used to data transmission, and the merits of the path can be effectively evaluated, the reliability of data transmission can be ensured, the energy consumption was saved too.
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