Spin-transfer measurement for the [pi] d --> pp reaction at energies spanning [delta] resonance [article]

Andrew G. Feltham
We describe the first spin-transfer experiment performed for the π to pp reaction. Three spin-transfer parameters were measured: K'LS'; K'ss'; and K'NN each, at a single angle for a number of energies spanning the Δ resonance of this system. The apparatus employed in this experiment consisted of established systems, including a dynamically polarized deuteron target and a proton polarimeter which utilized the well known proton-carbon analyzing powers. Two arms of detectors were used to minimize
more » ... he background contribution by preferentially selecting those two-body final states corresponding to the π to pp reaction kinematics. We compare our results with the predictions of published partial wave amplitude fits pertaining to existing data of the time-reversed pp —> dπ reaction, and demonstrate the inadequacy of these established fits in providing a complete description of this fundamental process. In addition, our data are compared with the predictions of two current theories. The failure of these theories to describe the fundamental features of this reaction clearly demonstrates the need for further theoretical work i n this area. The data presented in this thesis are essential for the unique determination of the partial wave amplitudes characterizing the pp ⇌ dπ reaction. The accurate experimental determination of these amplitudes will provide an important framework for testing further theoretical developments.
doi:10.14288/1.0085040 fatcat:yrkh737nine5jidadvcxne3ulu