The Parabola in Aeroplane Surfaces

G. H. Godley
1911 Scientific American  
the names and locations of which were withheld by request of the plant owners. For the purpose of identi fication the plants were referred to by letters of the alphabet. The essential features of the reports are given as foliows by Power: Two pressure producers with generators 7 feet in inside diameter, wet scrubbers 772 feet inside diameter and 18 feet high and dry scrubbers 7 feet square by 3�� feet high. The producers use bituminous coal, costing $2 . .55 per ton; two tar extractors are
more » ... extractors are operated. . -One double-acting single-tandem engine with cylin ders 23 Yzx33 inches. The shaft runs in three bearings and is directly coupled to an electric generator. Speed, 150 revolutions per minute. The plant runs continuously from 6 o'clock Monday morning until midnight Saturday, every week, supplying electricity for light and power. The report covers two . months' operation, during which a total of 308,410 klowatt-hours of energy were converted; of this, 35,190 kilowatt-hoUl's were used in the plant and 273,220 kilowatt-hours delivered. The cooling water for the engine is used for other purposes after leaving the jackets and it is, therefore, not charged to the operation of the plant.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11251911-342supp fatcat:vfpxwrliw5d45gviixb3jz4cbu