The assessment of impact of the crack size on the fracture load of a cylindrical element

2021 Proceedings of the III International Workshop on Modeling, Information Processing and Computing (MIP: Computing-2021)   unpublished
Fracture mechanics is an important area in the study of materials and structures. In this paper, we will consider the use of tools that are available in this area using the Ansys program. The calculation of the strength of the structure, the assessment from the resource and reliability are carried out in many cases, taking into account the possibility of the presence of technological or operational cracks in them. Loss of constructional integrity can occur for many reasons: selection of
more » ... riate materials, inadequate design, defects in manufacturing, excess service life, environmental conditions, etc. It became necessary to develop a separate area of knowledge, the invention of separate methods dedicated to the structure with a crack. This is because the design of structural components has traditionally been based on material strength. This approach does not imply an increased stress level due to the existing crack, which can lead to incorrect results.
doi:10.47813/dnit-mip3/2021-2899-17-24 fatcat:axuiv3cfrbe45gijpdpubauiky