A Novel Highly Accurate Finite-Element Family

Giovanni Bernardini, Fabio Cetta, Luigi Morino
2017 International Journal of Aerospace Engineering  
A novel Nth order finite element for interior acoustics and structural dynamics is presented, with N arbitrarily large. The element is based upon a three-dimensional extension of the Coons patch technique, which combines high-order Lagrange and Hermite interpolation schemes. Numerical applications are presented, which include the evaluation of the natural frequencies and modes of vibration of (1) air inside a cavity (interior acoustics) and (2) finite-thickness beams and plates (structural
more » ... ics). The numerical results presented are assessed through a comparison with analytical and numerical results. They show that the proposed methodology is highly accurate. The main advantages however are (1) its flexibility in obtaining different level of accuracy (p-convergence) simply by increasing the number of nodes, as one would do for h-convergence, (2) the applicability to arbitrarily complex configurations, and (3) the ability to treat beam- and shell-like structures as three-dimensional small-thickness elements.
doi:10.1155/2017/7293682 fatcat:lhrqif45jrbujkcg2u7i5ld4ay