Virtual channel and path allocation in ATM networks

B.L. Mark, H. Kobayashi
Proceedings of IEEE Singapore International Conference on Networks and International Conference on Information Engineering '95  
An Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network provides a connection-oriented service by establishing a virtual channel (VC) between a source and destination node. Virtual paths (VPs) facilitate virtual channel allocation by partitioning network resources along pre-calculated routes. This paper proposes a pamework for the allocation of VCs and VPs in an ATM network. Our approach is based on approximating the required reiources of calls and then formulating a multirate loss network model for an ATM
more » ... network. We propose a decentralized algorithm for adaptively adjusting offered loads to network routes and VP bandwidth assignments. ATLI network. In order to provide multiple gradesof-service, we propose a class-based approach to resource allocation and a method for approximating the iresource requirement of a call. At the connection level, we ,formulate the ATM network as a multirate loss network and apply a generalization of the decentralieed, adaptive routing algorithm for circuit-switched networks introduced by Kelly [5]. Together with a scheme for adjusting VP bandwidth, our approiLch allows fast connection set-up and yet aims to achieve low call blocking probability.
doi:10.1109/sicon.1995.525996 fatcat:7poh4y2t6ngc7e4vy3irf5rskq