Lívia Labudová, Maroš Turňa, Pavol Nejedlík
Drought monitoring in Slovakia is based on operationally taken evaluation of drought events. The growth of drought intensity is monitored not only in pastcasting regime just after it was detected in the particular region, but also in forecasting regime. Number of methods was applied in order to evaluate the drought events in the past but none of them was converted to operational. Due to the climate change impacts the extreme events including drought events in Central Europe grow both in
more » ... row both in frequency and intensity. This article brings the methodical attempt to evaluate to evaluate recent events in 2011 and 2012 as well as the frequency of drought events in 1961-2012 and to suggest a simple system for drought monitoring with a follow up in the close future. Four indices /SPI, PDSI, Tomlain climatic watering index and Koncek watering index/ were calculated for 31 stations for 2011 and 2012 and SPI, rPDSI and rZ indices for 1961-2010. The evaluation showed the growing number of drought events from the north regions of Slovakia towards south east and south west regions with maximum in Podunajska lowland, whiles the distribution of drought intensity in the particular years /2011 and 2012/ was rather scattered. Based upon the above mentioned evaluation an operative system of four indices calculated once a week at selected stations in Podunajska and Vychodoslovenska lowlands is in run since March 2015. The results are freely available at http://www.shmu.sk. Further monitoring based on the daily gridded meteorological data is planned in cooperation with the Czech Republic and Austria when applying the INTERDROUGHT system also for the territory of Slovakia.