Implementation of discrete event control for brushless AC motor

R. Horvat, K. Jezernik
2011 IET Power Electronics  
This study presents the implementation of a hybrid control strategy that is applied to a brushless AC (BLAC) motor drive. Hybrid control is a general approach for control of switching-based hybrid systems (HS). This class of HS includes a continuous process, controlled by a discrete controller with a finite number of states. The overall stability of the system is shown with the use of Lyapunov technique. The Lyapunov functions contain a term that penalises incremental energy of control error,
more » ... rque and stator current, which enhances the stability. The closed-loop system, with the proposed control law, provides good transient response and good regulation of the BLAC motor control. A new logical field programmable gate array current (torque) controller is developed, based on the Lyapunov theory. The reference tracking performance of speed and torque (current) is demonstrated in terms of transient characteristics through simulation and experimental results.
doi:10.1049/iet-pel.2010.0275 fatcat:74y2rauftbfdpk3a3kfzichaae