The Eccentric Compression Performance of Spirally Stiffened Thin-Walled Square Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Laminated Composite Members

Zhenshan Wang, Yanan Su, Jun Wei, Junlong Lu, Xiaolei Li
2022 Buildings  
To enhance the local buckling resistance of thin-walled steel pipes and enhance their fire and corrosion resistance, a new spirally stiffened thin-walled square concrete-filled steel tubular laminated composite member with transverse ribs is proposed. Through the four forms of combined members for eccentric pressure testing, it was found that: ordinary thin-walled steel pipe concrete drum buckling is more severe; with spiral ribs, the buckling is limited between the stiffening ribs; and the
more » ... rmation is significantly reduced. By addressing the problem of cooperative work between the inner and outer structural layers of new components, it was found that, after setting constraints such as steel bars, the integrity of the two can be ensured, and the stress performance is significantly improved; compared to ordinary steel pipe concrete, the load-carrying capacity is 17.9% higher, and the deformation capacity is roughly equivalent. Spiral ribs as a new form of spatial restraint, in addition to increasing the local bending stiffness, manifest an overall restraint role in limiting lateral deformation of the steel pipe, whereas the role of vertical stiffness is insignificant. Based on test evidence, the influences of the width to thickness ratio of spiral ribs and pitch were determined, and reasonable structural measures for the members were given. Through the N–M relationship curve, the limit of damage in compression and tension under eccentricity was obtained at an eccentricity of about 0.9. Finally, a method for calculating the eccentric compressive ultimate load capacity of this new composite member was proposed.
doi:10.3390/buildings12081151 fatcat:x4ssm5f6pbdtxehltg4oukveby