Verification of Strain Transfer Characteristics of Distributed Surface-attached FBGs on Aircraft Wings

Zhen Ma, Xiyuan Chen, M.H.A. Shukor
2020 MATEC Web of Conferences  
In order to provide higher accuracy for transfer alignment on aircraft, a surface-attached FBGs is designed for distributed deformation measurement of aircraft wing. To verify the measurement accuracy of the surface-attached FBGs, a strain calibration method of the surface-attached FBGs applied with the wing strain measurement is proposed. Two Aluminium Alloy Test Plates(AATP) with different sizes were designed as the matrix material for tensile test. The test results show that AATP-A has
more » ... test effect. Through the two sets of tensile tests, the change of wavelength measured on the surface-attached FBGs is in good agreement with the change of strain value of strain gauge.The experimental results prove that the method based on surface-attached FBGs is feasible for the strain measurement of aircraft wing. The method is simple and reliable, which lays a foundation for the follow-up study of the full-field deformation measurement of aircraft wing.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/202030605001 fatcat:ldgeleixcfa4liuagln7ew3lma