Jiamin Guo, Shilin Dong, Xingfei Yuan
2012 Volume 8 Number 2  
Suspen-dome includes single-layer latticed shell and the lower cable-struts system, its mechanical properties is better than single-layer latticed shell because of the lower cable-struts system. Heap load might appear during construction or active service, especially during construction. To ensure structure be safe during construction and active service, the structural static property under heap load is chief content in this paper. First, a 1:15 reduced scale suspen-dome model according to the
more » ... l according to the actual structure with 122 m span is made, which includes single-layer latticed shell, lower cable-struts system and supporting system. Then the measured points for stress and displacement are arranged in model according to experimental contents and model characteristics. And, the structural overall stability under heap load and full-span load are studied and compared. Last, heap load, whose value is 80 Kg, are loaded on corresponding model node at 5 different times during experiment in order to study structural static properties under heap load. Results show that the theoretical and experimental data are basically in well agreement, internal forces and displacements is basically linear during loading process, and heap load is more important to structure than full-span load, so it is proposed that heap load should be considered during designing and some measures should be applied to avoid heap load come into being during construction and active service.
doi:10.18057/ijasc.2012.8.2.3 fatcat:wn74k6bpv5hahi36drojlefora