An Ethical Response to Corruption in Kenya

Joseph Ouma Oindo, Edward Oyugi, Zacharia Samita
2021 OALib  
This paper explores an ethical response to corruption in Kenya. The study is based on a literature review. The principle method used is the analysis of historical records that show how African moral theory, with particular reference to Ubuntu morality, can be applicable to the development of a national ideology of the common good to curb persistent corruption in Kenya. Through document analysis, the study found out that African ethics resonates with the indigenous worldview of Africans and can
more » ... ffectively be employed as an anti-corruption tool in Kenya. Therefore, this study has highlighted the need for the Church in Kenya, in the formation of public conscience, to utilize moral principles of Ubuntu that are germane to Kenyans as a pastoral tool to curb a run-away corruption in Kenya.
doi:10.4236/oalib.1107986 fatcat:yjx5kk3c2ze2ld3jomue5teaw4