Low Speed Technology for Small Turbine Development Reaction Injection Molded 7.5 Meter Wind Turbine Blade [report]

David M Wright, DOE Project Officer - Keith Bennett
2007 unpublished
Dedication The surviving members of the project team dedicate this report to the memory of Dr. Forrest (Woody) Stoddard For the life he devoted to the cause, we-and indeed the entire Wind Industry-owe Woody a debt that can never be repaid. Woody's brilliant engineering insight, limitless energy, inspiring enthusiasm, and patient skill as a teacher have changed our lives, the energy economy of the society in which we live, and the very landscape of our planet. Without a doubt, Woody left this
more » ... Woody left this world in far better shape than he found it.
doi:10.2172/921599 fatcat:lmrmp3v7mfe4nkxn2rzzqncita