Schemes of Repeater Optimizing Distribution based on the MLC Application and CBLRD Simulation

Qian Qiuye, Zhang Yuanbiao, Wang Guizhou, Chen Ziyue
2013 Research Journal of Applied Sciences Engineering and Technology  
The widely use of repeaters raises concern about their coordination among the public. Since repeaters may suffer interaction and limitation bearing capacity, designing a reasonable repeaters coordination method is of great significance. This study address the problem if repeater coordination in a circular flat area with minimal number of repeaters with seamless coverage theory, system simulation method. With 1,000 users, this study model the coverage, getting the minimal number of repeaters of
more » ... er of repeaters of different coverage radius based on extensive used regular hexagon coverage theory. A numerical example was given in this case. When the number of users increases to 10,000, this study simulate to get the signal density across the area according to the consideration of repeaters and the different distribution of users, which are divided into uniform distribution, linear distribution, normal distribution and lognormal distribution. Then, Multi-Layer Coverage (MLC) and Coverage by Link Rate Density (CBLRD) are created as the distribution scheme on the area where repeat service demand is large. Moreover, for solution on the distribution of the repeaters with barriers, distribution schemes are given considering the transmission of VHF spectrums and the distribution of users around the barrier. Additionally, Spring Comfortable Degree (SCD) is used for evaluation of the results and the developing tends are given to improve the model. Due to the reasonable assumption, the solution of repeater distribution is of pivotal reference value based on the reasonable results.
doi:10.19026/rjaset.6.3897 fatcat:no6nb5ol5zbp5n7a56okjowsdm