Über die Letalität und Hybridogenese beim Rana esculenta-Komplex

J Binkert, P Borner, P S Chen
1982 Revue suisse de zoologie  
Concerning the lethality and hybridogenesis in Rana esculenta complex. -Numerous studies of the European green frogs have demonstrated that Rana ridibunda and Rana lessonae are two distinct species, whereas Rana esculenta represents their hybrid (see references in Berger 1982) . In order to understand the complex phenomena of lethality and hybridogenesis in R. esculenta further crossing experiments between these three green frog phenotypes have been carried out by us. In agreement with previous
more » ... results the inter se cross of R. esculenta is usually lethal, but in several cases it has yielded viable progeny. The frequency of such viable break-throughs appears to be related to the population structure of the parental frogs. Studies of the parabiotic pairs between a lethal and a viable embryo indicate that the lethality is autonomous excepting a 16-18% increase in the life span of the lethal partner. Thyroxine treatment revealed that the metamorphic capacity of the break-through larvae is distinctly reduced compared with that of the controls. Two-dimensional separation of the LDH isozymes by both Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and isoelectrofocusing showed that the lessonae-spQCihc genes coding for the B a and B c subunits can be passed from a parental esculenta female or male to the ¥ x progeny. Analysis of the patterns of immunologically active proteins also demonstrated the possible chromosomal recombination between R. lessonae and R. ridibunda. All these results suggest that there is not always a total elimination of the lessonae genome during hybridogenesis of the R. esculenta complex (see also Tunner & Heppich 1981) . 1 Ausgeführt mit Unterstützung durch den Schweizerischen Nationalfonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung und der Georges und Antoine Claraz-Schenkung. Vortrag gehalten an der Jahresversammlung der SZG in Neuenburg, 12. -13. März 1982.
doi:10.5962/bhl.part.82478 fatcat:shgkne5izzh2neuztmrp7wlg4i