Tires for Railroad Wheels without any Visible Joints

1859 Scientific American  
While we are recognizing the claims of "the mighty dead " whose discoveries in science have shed such a luster on the page of history, we mean not to neglect the living, but shall take frequent occasion to present their ll".mes and merits before our readel·s. The lives of liv Ing statesmen, generals, historians and novelists, which are oftentimes brought before the public with a flourish of trumpets, do not deserve such a conspicuous place in the eyes aRd hearts of the people as those of men,
more » ... o, by their scientific discoveries and inventions, have con tributed so much to extend the boundaries of intercourse
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07161859-34a fatcat:bj6l2fiasbhabbej5ahsx6h6nu