The Hittite Lion Tomb, Büyük Aslantaş, in Phrygia

1995 Archivum Anatolicum-Anadolu Arşivleri  
Among the impressive rock-cut monuments in the highlands of Phry gia near Afyon there is one, Büyük Aslantaş, which in all probability is not Phrygian but Hittite1 (PI. I, 1). This tomb, which is 11 m high, is be lieved to be one of the earliest monuments in the region. Although the date attributed to the tomb varies2, scholars agree that it belongs to the be ginnings of the local tradition of carving rock tombs and cult monuments in the highlands of Phrygia. The attribution of the monument to
more » ... he be ginnings of the tradition is justified, since it lacks a pediment, which is common to the Phrygian monuments of the area3, and since the relatively small tomb chamber has an almost flat ceiling and not a pitched one. These two reasons, however, not only justify an earlier date than the other monuments, but also support my belief that the tomb is not Phry gian but Hittite. As mentioned above, the Phrygian monuments have, al
doi:10.1501/archv_0000000031 fatcat:4pi72ffbdvaqjixzjrgwdx3psq