The Influence of Tongue Cleaning Habit on the Occurrence of Adverse Halitosis Outcomes: A Review of Literature on the Current Evidence

Maj Dr Pamil Banotra, Col Dr T Prasanth, Lt Col Dr Manab Kosala, Brig SK Bhandari, Surg Lt Cdr Dr Goutam Nanavati
2020 International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications (IJSRP)  
The purpose of this paper was to review the literature whether tongue cleaning needs to be a part of daily oral hygiene owing to presence of large number of microorganisms. Among the studies included for the present review, it has been observed that the occurrence of halitosis is reduced to a level of 75% after cleaning with mechanical tongue cleaning aids such as tongue scraper after 1 week. This is also confirmed by the organoleptic rating which suggests that there is significant reduction in
more » ... the level of volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs) such as hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide. This review aimed at to find out on existing literature regarding whether tongue cleaning is essential part of oral hygiene habit or not. It is evident that tongue forms the largest niche for microorganisms in the oral cavity and its association with halitosis, dental caries and plaque. On the basis of literature available it is recommended to clean the tongue regularly. Proper tongue brushing has found to be useful particularly when there is complaint of oral malodor.
doi:10.29322/ijsrp.10.10.2020.p10670 fatcat:cyy22c4udrfhlkrg56ukroufwe