Included or excluded: Minority languages in government programs texts in multi-ethnic regions of the Russian Federation
Включенные или невключенные: языки меньшинств в текстах государственных программ в политэтнических регионах России

Evgenia Yu. Philippova, European University at St. Petersburg
2020 ARS ADMINISTRANDI (Искусство управления)  
the inclusion of the language issue into the institutional agenda is a topical matter for Russia with its multiple ethnic groups speaking their native language. However, such an inclusion can be implemented in different forms and to a different degree, in particular, in the context of thematic government programs. The study attempts to determine the variability spectrum in the practices of including the ethnic minorities' languages into thematic government programs texts in the multi-ethnic
more » ... ons of the Russian Federation. Objectives: to identify models for including the language component into thematic government programs texts operating in multi-ethnic Russian regions, to understand the scale of the existing variability, taking into account the ethnolinguistic structure of the population in this regions. Methods: cross-regional comparative content analysis of thematic government programs in Russian multi-ethnic regions. Results: the presence of cross-regional variability was determined in the inclusion of the language component into thematic government programs texts of three types: the programs in the field of national policy, in education and in relation to the preservation, development and study of the regional languages. Four models of including the language component into thematic government programs texts have been identified: "all-encompassing", "title-oriented", "priority selective" and "ignoring". No stable relationship between the specificity of the ethno-national structure of the Russian regions population and the variability of mentioning the languages in thematic government programs texts has been found. Conclusions: the variability of the language component inclusion into thematic government programs texts is manifested in the extent and depth of language topics coverage, therefore there is a need for an additional research through a qualitative comparative analysis of a selection of cases.
doi:10.17072/2218-9173-2020-4-577-594 fatcat:gxkspugdwfhhxai2lwnhfvhoma