On the mind/body problem

1994 Journal of Near-Death Studies  
1992) seems to believe that verified cases of out-of-body vision are proof of the dualist view that mind is a nonphysical entity that can exist independently of the body. I submit that his view is open to question. Out-of-body sight could be a form of eyeless, yet body-based, perception that goes into operation when, under certain circumstances, the eyes are not functional. I have identified several features of the phenomenon that suggest this (Krishnan, 1985 (Krishnan, , 1993 . Not only
more » ... body sight but other phenomenon that are said to hint at postmortem survival, including apparitions and reincarna-
doi:10.17514/jnds-1994-13-2-p137-138. fatcat:5j3jbgoiefhqpmrnznh2vynmkq