Soberanía "light" y ámbitos políticos supranacionales

Benjamín Arditi
2000 Perfiles Latinoamericanos  
The aim of this paper is to examine the extent to which the process of globalization has contributed in changing parameters in politics. The starting point in this thought is that weakened sovereignty accentuates the permeability of frontiers and simplifies migration of politics to places beyond the national State. After examining the factors influencing the weakening of sovereignty, the essay approaches the "outwards growth" process of politics and the development of supranational realms in
more » ... tional realms in political relations. The hypothesis is that, although a post-liberal horizon is hence inaugurated and the thesis on "the end of history" is contradicted, supranational realms are neither the destiny of politics nor the alternative to replace the political sphere. More likely they are parallel arenas complementing this sphere.
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