Prominent Religious Monuments and Sites in Bundelkhand Region

Anamica Dubey
2018 IJSRST |   unpublished
The beginning of the Art activity in the Bundelkhand region can be traced from 2nd Century B.C onwards. The famous Buddhist stupa at Bharhut and Sanchi had been a work of research in the past. Brahmanical faith in the region did not lag behind. The followers of that faith constructed their temples as well. The Dasavatara temple at Devgarh and the Parvati temple at Nachna kuthara belonging to the Gupta period are landmarks in the history of Indian art and architecture. The art history of later
more » ... history of later period has to be gathered from the extant temples of Barwasagar(Jhansi), Madkhera(Tikamgarh), Devgah(Lalitpur), Tehri and Mahua(Shivpuri) and many other built in Gujjara-Pratihar style.(Trivedi 1985).1 The world famous khajuraho(Chhatarpur) group of temples are the best example of Chandela art-style with their erotic symbolism. The remains at Devgarh, Dudhai, Chandpur, Banpur, Kalinjar, Mahoba, Ajaygarh, Gairaha etc also belonging to Chandela period throw light on the vigorous temple building activities of the period. In Bundelkhand the principal medieval dynasties like Chandellas, kachhapghatas, and parmaras holding sway respectively over the eastern, Central, northern and western parts of central India, Built temples which have many common elements of plan, design and decorative scheme.