Collisions of Solitons and Vortex Rings in Cylindrical Bose-Einstein Condensates

Stavros Komineas, Joachim Brand
2005 Physical Review Letters  
Interactions of solitary waves in a cylindrically confined Bose-Einstein condensate are investigated by simulating their head-on collisions. Slow vortex rings and fast solitons are found to collide elastically contrary to the situation in the three-dimensional homogeneous Bose gas. Strongly inelastic collisions are absent for low density condensates but occur at higher densities for intermediate velocities. The scattering behaviour is rationalised by use of dispersion diagrams. During inelastic
more » ... s. During inelastic collisions, spherical shell-like structures of low density are formed and they eventually decay into depletion droplets with solitary wave features. The relation to similar shells observed in a recent experiment [Ginsberg et al. Phys Rev. Lett. 94, 040403 (2005)] is discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.95.110401 pmid:16196981 fatcat:2vc6mzdnafeg5d4hesas5nxbwm