Knot theory and a physical state of quantum gravity

Tomáš Liko, Louis H Kauffman
2006 Classical and quantum gravity  
We discuss the theory of knots, and describe how knot invariants arise naturally in gravitational physics. The focus of this review is to delineate the relationship between knot theory and the loop representation of non-perturbative canonical quantum general relativity (loop quantum gravity). This leads naturally to a discussion of the Kodama wavefunction, a state which is conjectured to be the ground state of the gravitational field with positive cosmological constant. This review can serve as
more » ... a self-contained introduction to loop quantum gravity and related areas. Our intent is to make the paper accessible to a wider audience that may include topologists, knot-theorists, and other persons innocent of the physical background to this approach to quantum gravity.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/23/4/r01 fatcat:uubrsgvowrebjjwn762hiushje