A Novel Control Concept for Reliable Operation of a Three-Phase Three-Switch Buck-Type Unity-Power-Factor Rectifier With Integrated Boost Output Stage Under Heavily Unbalanced Mains Condition

M. Baumann, J.W. Kolar
2005 IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982. Print)  
In this paper the reliable operation of a three-phase three-switch buck-type PWM unity power factor rectifier with integrated boost output stage under heavily unbalanced mains, i.e. mains voltage unbalance, loss of one phase, short circuit of two phases or earth fault of one phase is investigated theoretically and experimentally. The analytical calculation of the relative on-times of the active switching states and of the DC link current reference value is treated in detail for active and
more » ... vated boost output stage. Based on the theoretical considerations a control scheme which allows to control the system for any mains condition without changeover of the control structure is described. Furthermore, digital simulations as well as experimental results are shown which confirm the proposed control concept for different mains failure conditions and for the transition from balanced mains to a failure condition and vice versa. The experimental results are derived from a 5kW prototype (input voltage range (208.. .48O)V". line-to-line, output voltage 4 0 0 V~c of the rectifier system, where the control is realized by a 32-bit digital signal processor.
doi:10.1109/tie.2005.843916 fatcat:nmys3ptb7bhqlfwzphcjksojma