Valorification of Ferroalloy Slag Waste for Environmental Protection

2022 PICLLE-22,PICIES-22, PNMBE-22, ASETH-2022, AEHSSE-22, GBMEL-22 & MICAST-2022 June 2022 International Conferences   unpublished
One of the major problems today in the steel industry is the production of large amounts of waste. The current study aims to present possible ways of recycling and re-use of silico-manganese slag landfilled in Tulcea, City on the Danube River at borders of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve to minimize its environmental impact. In the last three decades, the ferroalloy production plant has for over 2.6 million tons of slag. Slag dumps constitute a significant source of air, water and soil
more » ... ion who adversely affects the environment and the human health. Landslides are among the many natural disasters causing massive destructions and loss of lives across the globe. The sliding process includes three phases: preparatory, slow, incipient slip phase (foreground processes); the actual slip (crossing the geomorphological threshold) and natural stabilization (balancing, post-threshold processes). Particularly, in Romania, landslides are quite widespread. The motivation of our research is to confirm that exist the possibility to valorificate ferroalloy waste slag to decommissioning of the slag dump by using as aggregate sources to prevent landslides. The proposed research is in concordance with the sustainable use of natural resources for achieve of sustainable development of 2030 AGENDA and Waste Management Legislation, due of the ecological costs are huge on non-conforming waste dump.
doi:10.17758/heaig10.dir0622104 fatcat:p742mgl7xfdvdbayefpp22dinq