Determinants of students' dropout rate in primary schools: The case of Awi zone selected schools, Ethiopia

Asrat Dagnew
The purpose of this study was to examine determinants of student dropout rate in seven second cycle primary schools situated in Awi Zone. To effectuate this, descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The data were collected via questionnaire and interview from teachers, students who had dropped out of school, school principals and parent-teacher association representatives. Seventy three dropped out students, seventy-five teachers, seven school principals, and seven parent
more » ... acher association representatives were participated in this study. Dropout students were selected using available sampling technique. Teachers were selected using a simple random sampling technique whereas school principals and parent teacher association representatives were selected using purposive sampling technique. Quantitative data were analyzed using percentage, mean and independent t-test, whereas qualitative data were analyzed with themes and categories. Independent samples t-test revealed statistically significant differences across students and teachers on determinant factors of dropout. The mean in the t-test indicated teachers' ratings causes/reasons for dropout was significantly higher than those of students. The comparative mean score results, which one of out-of-school and in-school related factors exert the strongest influence students to drop out; the result indicates that in-school and school related factors were exerting the strongest influence that forced students to dropout in the study area. Based on the findings, the following recommendations were forwarded; the government, the school, the community and all of the stakeholders/concerning bodies should collaborate/team up to work together to assist students on the verge of dropping out to remain in school and solve drop out problem at each grade level to realize the millennium development goals and assuring quality education for all citizens.