Wandering breathers and self-trapping in weakly coupled nonlinear chains: Classical counterpart of macroscopic tunneling quantum dynamics

Yu. A. Kosevich, L. I. Manevitch, A. V. Savin
2008 Physical Review E  
We present analytical and numerical studies of phase-coherent dynamics of intrinsically localized excitations (breathers) in a system of two weakly coupled nonlinear oscillator chains. We show that there are two qualitatively different dynamical regimes of the coupled breathers, either immovable or slowly-moving: the periodic transverse translation (wandering) of low-amplitude breather between the chains, and the one-chain-localization of high-amplitude breather. These two modes of coupled
more » ... near excitations, which involve large number of anharmonic oscillators, can be mapped onto two solutions of a single pendulum equation, detached by a separatrix mode. We also study two-chain breathers, which can be considered as bound states of discrete breathers with different symmetry and center locations in the coupled chains, and bifurcation of the anti-phase two-chain breather into the one-chain one. Delocalizing transition of 1D breather in 2D system of a large number of parallel coupled nonlinear chains is described, in which the breather, initially excited in a given chain, abruptly spreads its vibration energy in the whole 2D system upon decreasing breather frequency or amplitude below the threshold one. The threshold breather frequency is above the cut off phonon frequency in 2D system, and the threshold breather amplitude scales as square root of the inter-chain coupling constant. Delocalizing transition of discrete vibrational breather in 2D and 3D systems of coupled nonlinear chains has an analogy with delocalizing transition for Bose-Einstein condensates in 2D and 3D optical lattices.
doi:10.1103/physreve.77.046603 pmid:18517746 fatcat:knddppztezc3dafx7u7edgzylq