Microstructure and mechanical behaviour of additive manufactured Ti–6Al–4V parts under tension

Alexey Panin, Marina Kazachenok, Alexey Kolmakov, Sergey Chizhik, Mikhail Heifetz, Yuri Chugui, V. Fomin, L. Placidi
2019 EPJ Web of Conferences  
Metal-based additive manufacturing technologies using electron or laser beams as a heat source for melting a metal powder or wire have been the subject of keen interest in recent years. At present paper a comparative analysis of the microstructure, strain response during tensile test and mechanical properties of Ti–6Al–4V samples produced by selective laser melting, electron beam melting or electron beam free-form fabrication were performed. A microstructural study using transmission electron
more » ... croscopy revealed columnar prior β grains transformed into a lamellar α-morphology in the samples. According to X-ray diffraction study, the volume fractions of the β-Ti phase in the samples were equal to 2, 4 and 6 % respectively. It has been shown that the Vickers microhardness of SLM and EBM Ti–6Al–4V samples was similar (~5.4 GPa) while the hardness of EBF3 parts was significantly lower (4.5 GPa). The uniaxial stress-strain response of the Ti–6Al–4V samples fabricated by different additive manufacturing technologies were compared. Crystallographic (dislocation motion) and non-crystallographic (shear banding) deformation mechanisms of the loaded samples were studied by scanning electron microscopy and optical profilometry.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201922101037 fatcat:ctrwiljyovfqjlu2pv7sfamkkm