Cross-seasonal Experimental Study on the Comprehensive Performance of C-Si PV Window

Wei Zhang, Wei Wang, Lingzhi Xie, Hao Tian, Mo Chen, Zihao Li, Jianhui Li
2020 Energies  
PV windows can potentially produce electricity, reduce the air-conditioning load, and provide natural light. Cross-seasonal experimental tests for long period could eliminate the gap between real outdoor test and simulation estimation. In this research, the lighting-thermal-electricity performance of high-efficiency c-silicon PV windows was tested, and the improvement has been put forward according to the conditions. The long-term experiment was conducted cross different seasons, including
more » ... r, autumn, and winter seasons. The highest average power generation, 50W/m2, could be found in autumn. The average outside surface temperature of the PV window would reach 48 °C in sunny days in the autumn, which was higher than other seasons. Although the c-Si PV window maybe block the partial daylighting, the daylighting requirement still could be satisfied with the most days. Furthermore, the average Useful Daylight Illuminance was the highest in summer up to 0.79, and the average illumination uniform could be achieved at a high level in all seasons. For the improvement suggestions, some measures could be taken to reduce the indoor cooling load in summer. During winter, appropriate inner shading measures might be taken to prevent excessive illumination in the building, and allow the electricity and thermal performance of PV window.
doi:10.3390/en13215684 fatcat:3jqee5wwmbgrrduhdedg5ivic4