Characteristics of SOFC Anode of Ni/YSZ Core-shell Manufactured Using sSpherical Ni and Nano YSZ Powders
구형 Ni과 나노 YSZ Powder를 이용하여 제조한 Ni/YSZ Core-shell의 SOFC 연료극 특성

Byung-Hyun Choi, Ja-Bin Koo, Kwang-Hee Seol, Mi-Jung Ji
2017 Transactions of the Korean hydrogen and new energy society  
>> We reviewed the electrical properties of SOFC anode manufactured using spherical Ni and nano YSZ powder. When core-shell is fabricated by using submicron Ni as core and nano-sized YSZ as shell for SOFC anode, the electrical conductivity of the 0.2 μm Ni-YSZ core-shell was 3 times higher than that of 1.0 μm NiO or 1.0 μm Ni-YSZ. Hydrogen selectivity was similar at 800 o C, but hydrogen selectivity and methane conversion rate under 750 o C was 10~25% higher, Power density was more than 2
more » ... s more than 2 times, ASR was about 1/3, when exposed to H2 atmosphere at 750 o C for a long time, Ni particles did not have any growth or cut off conduction path.
doi:10.7316/khnes.2017.28.1.40 fatcat:yftkcs2cb5cntjabp3ewlxjb2u