Constraints on neutrino mixing parameters by observation of neutrinoless double beta decay

Hisakazu Minakata, Hiroaki Sugiyama
2002 Physics Letters B  
Assuming positive observation of neutrinoless double bata decay together with the CHOOZ reactor bound, we derive constraints imposed on neutrino mixing parameters, the solar mixing angle \theta_{12} and the observable mass parameter < m >_{\beta} in single beta decay experiments. We show that 0.05 eV < < m >_{\beta} < 2 eV at the best fit parameters of the LMA MSW solar neutrino solution by requiring the range of the parameter < m >_{\beta \beta} deduced from recently announced double beta
more » ... ed double beta decay events at 95 % CL with +/- 50 % uncertainty of nuclear matrix elements.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(02)01585-x fatcat:63agk37lvvbbhblccloyw4m5ki