A Generator Based Polynomial with Secret Encryption Scheme for Secure Data Sharing and Privacy in Multi-Party/Federated-Cloud Computation

V. Keerthi, T. Anuradha
Now a days exploring and analyzing or mining data in various ways give insights into future for invention and plays a critical role in decision making. For accurate analytical assertion of data, accurate results is essential. So hiding data and at the same time preserving data privacy is necessary to protect externals from attacks. An successful process for sharing sensitive information for data processing, validation and publication should then be deducted. In this paper Polynomial Based
more » ... ynomial Based Encryption Secret Sharing Scheme (PBESSS) for Multi-Party mechanism is proposed that allows multiple parties to exchange secret data between them at the same time secret data is encrypted so as to protect from untrusted parties. Each party will have stronger protection by selected own polynomial with primitive root number 'generator' and the secret data will be in cryptic form and it can be found by each party after final computation of polynomials. This multi-party mechanism can be applied to federated cloud for computation securely.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.b8270.1210220 fatcat:tzbm7i3yubafjnakdepxu3aryy