The bandwidth theorem for locally dense graphs

Katherine Staden, Andrew Treglown
2020 Forum of Mathematics, Sigma  
The bandwidth theorem of Böttcher, Schacht, and Taraz [Proof of the bandwidth conjecture of Bollobás andKomlós, Mathematische Annalen, 2009] gives a condition on the minimum degree of an n-vertex graph G that ensures G contains every r-chromatic graph H on n vertices of bounded degree and of bandwidth $o(n)$ , thereby proving a conjecture of Bollobás and Komlós [The Blow-up Lemma, Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing, 1999]. In this paper, we prove a version of the bandwidth theorem for
more » ... idth theorem for locally dense graphs. Indeed, we prove that every locally dense n-vertex graph G with $\delta (G)> (1/2+o(1))n$ contains as a subgraph any given (spanning) H with bounded maximum degree and sublinear bandwidth.
doi:10.1017/fms.2020.39 fatcat:orktyn5nfncenludgvqjf4jgwq