Client-Server Sessions in Linear Logic [article]

Zesen Qian, G. A. Kavvos, Lars Birkedal
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We introduce coexponentials, a new set of modalities for Classical Linear Logic. As duals to exponentials, the coexponentials codify a distributed form of the structural rules of weakening and contraction. This makes them a suitable logical device for encapsulating the pattern of a server receiving requests from an arbitrary number of clients on a single channel. Guided by this intuition we formulate a system of session types based on Classical Linear Logic with coexponentials, which is suited
more » ... o modelling client-server interactions. We also present a session-typed functional programming language for server-client programming, which we translate to our system of coexponentials.
arXiv:2010.13926v2 fatcat:hxaty6l4ybg3tnsnil6piuaafu