Sound field directivity in multi-element synthetic transmit aperture method for ultrasound imaging

Y. Tasinkevych, Z. Klimonda, M. Lewandowski, I. Trots, A. Nowicki, Norbert J. Pelc, Robert M. Nishikawa, Bruce R. Whiting
2012 Medical Imaging 2012: Physics of Medical Imaging  
A modified multi-element synthetic transmit aperture (MSTA) method for ultrasound imaging with RF echoes correction taking into account the influence of the element directivity is presented. The property is significant as the element width becomes commensurable with the wavelength of the emitted signal. The angular dependence of the radiation efficiency of the transmit/receive aperture is obtained from exact solution of the corresponding mixed boundary-value problem for periodic baffle system,
more » ... odeling the transducer array. It is evaluated at the nominal frequency of the excitation signal and is implemented in the developed MSTA algorithm as apodization weights calculated for each imaging point and all combinations of the transmit/receive apertures. The performance of developed method is tested using FIELDII simulated synthetic aperture data of the point reflectors to estimate the visualization depth and lateral resolution. Besides, a FIELDII simulated and measurement data of cyst phantom are used for qualitative assessment of the imaging contrast. Comparison of the results obtained by the modified and conventional MSTA algorithms is given which reveals considerable improvement of the image quality in the area neighboring to the transducer's aperture, and increase of the visualization depth at the cost of slight degradation of lateral resolution near the transducer face.
doi:10.1117/12.910584 fatcat:2skszd2mavhfnny24luj3yorvi