Combination of High-density Microelectrode Array and Patch Clamp Recordings to Enable Studies of Multisynaptic Integration

David Jäckel, Douglas J. Bakkum, Thomas L. Russell, Jan Müller, Milos Radivojevic, Urs Frey, Felix Franke, Andreas Hierlemann
We present a novel, all-electric approach to record and to precisely control the activity of tens of individual presynaptic neurons. The method allows for parallel mapping of the efficacy of multiple synapses and of the resulting dynamics of postsynaptic neurons in a cortical culture. For the measurements, we combine an extracellular high-density microelectrode array, featuring 11'000 electrodes for extracellular recording and stimulation, with intracellular patch-clamp recording. We are able
more » ... identify the contributions of individual presynaptic neurons -including inhibitory and excitatory synaptic inputs -to postsynaptic potentials, which enables us to study dendritic integration. Since the electrical stimuli can be controlled at microsecond resolution, our method enables to evoke action potentials at tens of presynaptic cells in precisely orchestrated sequences of high reliability and minimum jitter. We demonstrate the potential of this method by evoking short-and long-term synaptic plasticity through manipulation of multiple synaptic inputs to a specific neuron.
doi:10.3929/ethz-b-000190298 fatcat:wqlniht7pfbpvhncsxfu2vfdum