Ultrafast structural deformation of polyatomic molecules in intense laser fields

Kaoru Yamanouchi
2000 AIP Conference Proceedings  
The momentum vector distributions of fragment ions produced through the Coulomb explosion of small molecules such as NO, CO 2 , NO 2 , and J^O in intense laser fields (~1 PW/cm 2 ) are measured by the mass-resolved momentum imaging (MRMI) technique. For NO, the MRMI maps for a single (p,q) pathway, NO(P+?)+ -> NP+ + O?+ (p, q = 1-3), are extracted from the observed MRMI maps on the basis of the momentum matching of the NP + and O?+ ion pair. In the MRMI maps for the fragment ions produced from
more » ... ions produced from CO 2 , NO 2 , and H 2 O, their ultrafast structural deformation both along the stretching coordinate and along the bending coordinate is identified. The ^O-C-O angle distribution of CO 2 spreads significantly (FWHM -40°), and the ^O-N-O bond angle of NO 2 increases toward a linear configuration within the ultrashort duration of the laser pulse. This type of deformation is also identified for H 2 O. These structural deformations are most reasonably interpreted as a consequence of the formation of light-dressed potential energy surfaces. CP500, The Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions, edited by Y. Itikawa, et al.
doi:10.1063/1.1302651 fatcat:6vyhiy2bnzd4dhd6ggrovuqsti