Manipulation and adsorption-site mapping of single pentacene molecules on Cu(111)

Jérôme Lagoute, Kiyoshi Kanisawa, Stefan Fölsch
2004 Physical Review B  
Low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy at 7 K is used to study the adsorption and manipulation of single pentacene molecules on Cu(111). Controlled lateral translations of the molecule are performed along different high-symmetry directions of the substrate via attractive tip-molecule interactions. By means of a detailed site-mapping technique combining lateral manipulations of the molecule and of native substrate adatoms we determine the adsorptive configuration of the aromatic molecule.
more » ... aromatic molecule. We find a planar adsorption geometry with the long molecular axis aligned with the close-packed Cu atom rows and the benzene units centered over hexagonal close-packed hollow sites of the substrate.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.70.245415 fatcat:ivvmmacxgre7flol4axyxz2awm