Neurosensitivity in Business: Vantage Sensitivity as a Competitive Advantage?

Patrice Cirill Wyrsch
This dissertation investigates the link between neurosensitivity (i.e., environmental sensitivity/sensory-processing sensitivity) and business-relevant behaviors. Study 1 conceptual-theoretically explores the link between neurosensitivity and organizational ambidexterity and social capital. Study 2 empirically examines neurosensitivity with organizational citizenship behavior and work conditions. Study 3 examines neurosensitivity with task performance and leadership. On the one hand, study 1
more » ... poses that the diversity of neurosensitivity and, thus, neurodiversity, can serve as a source of competitive advantage. On the other hand, studies 2 and 3 suggest that vantage sensitivity can serve as a source of competitive advantage. In sum, the crucial question from a management perspective is not whether a person shows high or low levels of sensitivity, but rather whether that person is able to realize the potential of his or her vantage sensitivity level.
doi:10.48549/2364 fatcat:fckbhv2c5fbljdindu6farll6a