Optimizing Energy Efficiencies in Cloud Data Center Resources with Availability Constraints

2020 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Cloud infrastructure Resources hosted in Data Centers, support the effective execution of Cloud computing applications. Given the increased adoption of the Cloud Computing Applications and the Businesses getting to be Data-driven, there is a huge increase in the number of Data Centers and the Size and amount of resources hosted in these Data Centers. These Data Center resources consume a significant amount of energy and this continuous scaling of the resources is leading to increased power
more » ... ncreased power consumption and a large carbon footprint. Given our fragile eco-system, optimization of the Data Center resources for energy conservation and thus the carbon footprint is the primary area of our focus. Businesses also need to satisfy QoS guarantees on Availability to their customers. Optimization towards Energy efficiencies may compromise on the Availability and thus may warrant a trade-off, and a need for them to be considered together. Although there have been numerous studies towards Energy efficiencies, most of them have been focused on only energy. In this paper, we initially segregate Optimization activities towards the Data Center resources like Compute, Network, and Storage. We then study the different control parameters or approaches which will lead to meeting the objectives of Energy Efficiencies, Availability and Energy Efficiency constrained with Availability. Thus, this will support the selection of approaches for the optimization of energy while meeting the QoS Availability requirement.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.c4746.029320 fatcat:o2w67g7i2rbcpcbixvstg55lfm